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Welcome to Amicus USA, Inc.!

Since 2002, Amicus USA, Inc. (AUSA) has provided clients with innovative, results driven mission oriented business improvement (management consulting) and information technology (IT) solutions better, cheaper and faster by combining the right people, technology, systems and processes. We provide quality, cost-effective management consulting and IT solutions so you can focus on your core business. AUSA staff consists of professionals with backgrounds in business academia, administration, engineering and science. We "start with the end in mind" to develop solutions that ensure predictable client results. AUSA is committed to total client satisfaction, technological innovation and prudent financial management.

AUSA application and solution services areas continue to grow and include:

  • Management Consulting - program management, project management, strategy, finance, technology, leadership
  • information Technology - software development, cybersecurity, big data, cloud strategy, telecommunications, LAN/WAN/wireless, training, support
  • Staffing - administrative and medical

In an increasingly competitive global market, we understand that our commercial and government clients depend on AUSA to provide high-quality, cost-effective and timely solutions to their most challenging problems. We strive to thoroughly understand our client's business so we can better help them achieve their mission and create and sustain a competitive advantage.

Amicus USA's mission is to deliver better, cheaper and faster outsourced solutions for our clients by successfully integrating the right people, processes, technologies and governance.